Turn Your Data into Actions You Can Take

Once you enter your building’s energy and water consumption data into Portfolio Manager, you have access to more than 150 different metrics to track and assess your property’s performance. You can choose among standard performance reports or create your own reports with customizable templates. The best part? Portfolio Manager makes it easy to turn your data into actionable solutions.

Compare Your Performance

Benchmarking is the process of measuring your building’s energy and water consumption and comparing it against past performance and to other similar buildings. The ENERGY STAR score is one of many ways to monitor the performance of your building in Portfolio Manager. While not all building types are eligible for an ENERGY STAR score, you can compare performance against

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     Visualize Your Data

    Portfolio Manager offers a variety of descriptive graphs and reports to visualize consumption trends and track the effectiveness of initiatives and improvements. Once you enter your data, simply click on the Reporting tab to get started. Results can be printed or downloaded for later reference and sharing.

    Charts & Graphs, located in the top left-hand corner, provide graphical representations of your entire portfolio’s performance and can be printed or downloaded for later use.

    ENERGY STAR Performance Documents provide different reports on your ENERGY STAR score and overall energy performance. Even if your property is not eligible for an ENERGY STAR score, you will find the Statement of Energy Performance report useful as it summarizes your source and site energy use intensity and compares those values to national medians.

    The Templates and Reports section provides eight standard reporting templates with preselected metrics. You also have the option to create new templates and choose custom reporting metrics to meet your specific needs.

     Understand Your Metrics


    If your building is an eligible property type, you will find your current and baseline ENERGY STAR score on your property summary page.

    The ENERGY STAR score is based on percentile ranking from 1 to 100. For example, if you have a score >50, then your building’s performance is better than 50% of similar buildings nationwide. To be eligible for an ENERGY STAR Certification, you need a score of 75 or higher.

    The ENERGY STAR score is a complete overview of your building’s energy performance, as it analyzes your building’s operations, assets and occupant behavior and summarizes it in an easy-to-understand number.

    Energy Use Intensity

    If your facility is ineligible for an ENERGY STAR score, your property summary page will provide your current and baseline weather-normalized source energy use intensity (Source EUI). Energy use intensity is simply the amount of energy you consume per square foot, reported as kBtu/ft2.

    Source EUI specifies the total amount of energy consumption on site (referred to as site energy) plus any losses that take place in the generation, transmission and distribution of that energy, divided by your property’s square footage.

    Weather-normalized Source EUI is based on the amount of source energy your property would be expected to consume during 30-year average weather conditions. Essentially, it normalizes changes in your Source EUI that are attributable to changes in weather.

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