Electric Heat Pumps for Domestic Space and Water Heating

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • WE&T Webinar


As our electricity supply becomes cleaner due to increased use of renewable's for generation, electricity becomes an attractive fuel source to designers and builders – especially those interested in reducing residential greenhouse gas emissions and creating zero net energy buildings. This class will focus on efficiency gains and emissions reductions from electric heat pumps in new and existing buildings. It will also cover the advantages and limitations of these systems, the available technology and refrigerant types.

The class will provide an overview of electric heat pumps for space heating, including both ducted and ductless systems. The space heating discussion will touch on interactions with indoor air quality issues, building enclosure considerations, and heat pumps for water heating. Interactions with other water heating strategies such as solar thermal and recirculation systems will be considered.


  • Identify the benefits of ducted and ductless space heating heat pump systems, as well as unitary and split water heating heat pump systems
  • Describe the potential benefits of HVAC-driven filtration and indoor air quality
  • Summarize the performance parameters for proper installation of space and water heating heat pumps
  • Describe climate impacts from the release of refrigerants into the atmosphere and the procedures to ensure that systems don't leak
  • Interpret energy savings comparisons among existing equipment types in order to determine the total annual energy consumption for the equipment under consideration


Dan Perunko.

Additional Details

Learning level: Intermediate

CEUs: 3 BPI credits

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